About Me.

I am a 30-something, stay-at-home mom to two wonderful pre-schoolers. I happen to be addicted to nail polish  and hair.

The polish addiction began when I was a little girl. My mother always had very well manicured hands and nails - so naturally I wanted to follow suit. I started mixing my own polishes and painting every other fingernail a different color when I was about 7. :)  I have wonderful memories of all the girls in the house (there were four including my mother) walking around on our heels with our hands held out so as not to ding the polish!

The hair addiction is a more recent thing. Never in my life have I had mid-back length hair. I've never had the patience to get it there. So - I'm on a mission for waist-length. We'll see if I can make it.

Lastly - I'm also a knitter/sewer/baker/cook and mom - so any and all of those things may show up here from time to time.

Thanks for stopping by!!