Saturday, September 3, 2011

Just some pics...

Since my nails are in recovery mode my current mani is blah. So instead - a few other pics!

As promised yesterday, here's the 'stash'.

My apologies that it's on the dining room table with my kid-friendly-I-don't-care-if-you-spill-spaghetti-sauce-on-it tablecloth.  :)

What you're looking at here is some really old stuff and some really new stuff and oddly not a lot in between. One of my favorite colors of all time - Oil of Olay 'Spicy Red'. Yeah if that gives you any idea.

On the table you see 80 items - 7 basecoats, hardeners or top coats. 73 colors. Then I realized that I'd missed 2 hardeners and one color. So up my total to 83.

And I really didn't think I had much!

Here's my TERRIBLE storage method. Do not try this at home. It's something I need to work out soon. However, I have two rooms that have to be rearranged first.

I had one heart-breaker yesterday - went to Target for a little cheapie polish pick-me-up. And I grabbed what I thought was going to be a very nice NYC color. Unfortunately I didn't really pay attention to what was IN the bottle :(  This is what it looked like when I got home. I will certainly be checking more than the color from now on!

Hope everyone has a happy weekend and Labor day!

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