Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rainy Wednesday

So it's a rainy Wednesday here in SC. Ive been putzing around online and have been totally inspired today by Elsiecake and the A Beautiful Mess blog. I have donned a scarf in the hair and have been having fun playing around all day.

On to the mani. Earlier this week I had a job interview so I had a lovely (yet boring) nude color on. It stared to seriously chip today and left me itching for something a little more fun!

Like this...

It's Fingerpaints "artist's sapphire" with a Pure Ice glitter. Here's what the Fingerpaints looks like on its own. I'll be wearing it this way soon I guarantee.

Yeah I know. I hadn't cleaned it up yet. I still have trouble with cleaning up dark colors, but I did my best!

Here's what it looks like outside but still no direct sun. (after the Pure Ice glitter)

So there you have it!! Pretty blue and fun to counteract the lovely but boring nude. :-)

Here's a quick pic of the hair just for fun!!

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  1. Oh man! I love that blue! Verrryyy pretty! I used to have the HARDEST time trying to clean up dark polishes but I bought a cheap eyeliner brush (this one to be exact: from Walmart.. it was like two dollars I think and used acetone instead of regular polish remover and it works WONDERS! :)