Saturday, September 3, 2011

Quick NYC color

So in picking up one bad NYC color yesterday I also picked up a good one. :) It's 'Park Avenue'.

I was looking for a good taupe. This is close. It's a little more grey than I'd prefer. Not bad at all for a $1.54 purchase!

Here's what we started with. I think the final product is very close to bottle color.

This is inside.
Outside in direct sun.
Outside in shade.

Yeah, I know. I got a bubble. It's actually in the Instant Artificials coat. That's really the one drawback I've found to it. If I'm not careful it can be bubble city.

You can also see here how short I had to take my nails to eliminate the peelies. :-(

Hopefully we'll see some progress in the coming weeks. I've already moisturized 4 times today!!

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